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Arpita Gaidhane Art | Lost Goddesses Set Postcards

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The Lost Goddesses series reclaims goddesses of earthy sexuality that were erased with increasing puritanism in culture.

Baubo is the lost greek goddess of bawdy sexual laughter. She is the lost feminine divinity so comfortable in her own sexuality, that she sees with her breasts, her vulva is her chin. When Demeter was depressed about Persephone’s descent to the Underworld, Baubo revived her well-being with lewd jokes and belly laughs. Baubo is the lost and returning invitation to be comfortable in your own body, with your own sexuality. Baubo is the freedom to delight in your own power and share it with community in healthy belly laughter.

Lajjagauri is the lost hindu goddess of female sexuality. With large breasts, strong thighs, and legs wide open to invite consensual sexual advances, she is the power of woman who owns her body and sexuality. With a lotus for a face, she has been reduced to being a mere symbol of fertility in modern interpretations that are willing to allow woman to be mother and goddess – as long as the real, breathing version is severed from sexuality. Lajjagauri reclaims this space from hypocrisy and allows her devotees the permission to take charge of their own bodies and enjoy themselves.

10 in stock (can be backordered)

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10 in stock (can be backordered)


Sets of unique, bright artworks thematically gathered and converted to postcards by artist Arpita Gaidhane. Put them up as artwork for your space or send as presents via snail mail!

Please note that colours will vary slightly due to translation between original artwork and print.


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