Employment is one route to sustenance; another is entrepreneurship. At Pride Circle, we believe in growth and prosperity for the LGBT+ community. Economist M. V. Lee Badget says stigmatising queer people is losing India more than $26 billion a year. In fact, the Pink Economy can contribute nearly $2 trillion to a nation’s GDP. That’s the USA’s success story, and it can be India’s too. 

Welcome to Rainbow Bazaar. A magical marketplace that holds everything you need. 

Shop from a uniquely inclusive eCommerce platform.

All Queer. All Indian. All made with Pride.

Browse through our diversity of hand-picked, high quality products to find exactly what you are looking for! Get more from your shopping experience with free shipping across India.

How did it all begin?

What started as the day-long in-person bazaar called Marketplace in Bangalore 2019 and Delhi 2020, transformed into an e-Commerce platform in 2021, called Rainbow Bazaar – a unique & inclusive online marketplace for micro & small LGBT+ owned businesses in India.

What do we do?

We’re connecting every Indian shopper with enterprises run entirely by Queer folx. When you shop online at Rainbow Bazaar, you’re investing in homegrown talent.

How does it work?

Made possible by the Pride Chamber of Commerce, Rainbow Bazaar is our way of powering the prosperity of the LGBT+ community. 

Powered by Queerpreneurs, Empowered by You.

When you shop, you not only get a wide range of excellent products at your fingertips. You help sustain a small business, allowing them to be financially independent.

If you are a curious online shopper or an aspiring Queer entreprenuer, we are for you.

Want to Sell?

Join India’s only non-restrictive ecommerce platform for LGBT+ sellers. Ours is a free and fair platform that assures 100% anonymity if you wish – this is your safe space to showcase your talent. Plus, no listing caps mean you can sell as much as you like. The power is with you.

Want to Buy?

A world of special products is just a click away.

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It’s that simple!

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Whether it’s Pride Month, Pride Week, or any other day of the year – let’s show some love for Queerpreneurs! Buy local at Pride Circle’s one-stop-shop for everything crafted by queer makers and sellers.